Checkpoint Cardio was founded in 2014 and has developed patented wearables that enable constant streaming of cardiac and other important biometric data and offer a complete system for online diagnostics, prevention and emergency response to cardiovascular diseases. It is one of the most modern telemedicine systems for the transmission and monitoring of reliable medical data in real time.

Over 50 percent of sudden deaths in the world are due to heart problems. Checkpoint Cardio has developed a comprehensive solution consisting of a medical device that measures an electrocardiogram (ECG), pulse, breathing, body position and temperature, combined with a communication device that transmits this data, as well as emergency calls and the location to an experienced medical professional Team in a telemedical center. The team constantly monitors the patient’s vital signs, makes diagnoses and recommends treatment.

Checkpoint Cardio was awarded a national prize for the most innovative company in Bulgaria in 2017. The health monitoring system was ranked among the seven most promising companies with more than 12,000 companies at the „The Next Web“ exhibition in Amsterdam.

Checkpoint Cardio combines advanced medical devices with software to track a patient’s vital signs in real time. This reduces the doctor’s visit and can prevent sudden cardiac death. CheckPoint Cardio’s vision is to provide affordable medical service to everyone, at all times, by developing portable medical devices. This includes better diagnostic accuracy than non-connected devices currently used in medical practices and connects patients around the clock with special medical teams around the clock.

What we offer

With our CPC modules, we offer you an easy way of 7×24 patient monitoring in everyday clinical practice, monitoring of patients to coordinate medication, monitoring of patients after cardiac surgery and in the rehabilitation area, monitoring of people with cardiological complaints in retirement homes, performing cardiological Stress tests with an immediately generated report by our AI.

Our Mobile device is receiving the Data from the Medical Device via Bluetooth and sending the data via WIFI or 3/4/5G to the medical Cloud

How it works

The data is sent in real time from the module to a secure medical cloud and the patient’s state of health is monitored live in the monitoring center 7×24 hours. The following parameters are transferred:


Oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, pulse, ECG, pulse wave, blood pressure, body temperature, body position (sitting, lying, walking) and location.

How to apply

The Observationscreens

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